UCU Branch Elections for Vice President: Candidate – Jamie Melrose

Proposed: Steve Condliffe

Seconded: Tracey Hooper

Jamie has been active in the branch since 2011. An hourly-paid teacher in SPAIS, he has served as Postgraduate Rep and Hourly-Paid Teacher Rep, before he was elected as the branch Anti-Casualisation Officer in 2014. He has also been a Branch Development Officer since 2012, having been appointed by lead Branch Officers. In addition, he currently sits on the South West UCU Regional Executive Committee.

Jamie has a great deal of experience running the branch day-to-day, serving on important committees and groups such as the Pensions Working Group and the branch Executive. As a Branch Officer, he has contributed in areas such as branch communication, event organisation, campaigning for hourly-paid and fixed-term contract staff, as well as being part of our branch officer team.

If elected Vice-President, Jamie will continue his work building the branch, building an open, inclusive organisation fit for purpose and responsive to members’ concerns. Given his recent experience, Jamie sees the role of the Vice President in the current setup as very much a ‘chief of staff’, deputising for the President in the day-to-day running of the branch. Over the last few years, Jamie and the candidate for president, Tracey have formed a very effective working relationship.


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